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About Harding Roberts & Co

Harding Roberts & Co's. focus is on providing financial advisory services to professional practices, individuals and the corporate market.

Emphasis is on establishing a "partnership" and "owners" approach to financial advice. We are driven by providing on-going financial advice through long term relationships with clients.

Client and Professional relationships are built from first principles, knowing their customers, meeting their needs, providing financial products and investment services and holistic financial planning. We remain entirely independent and authorised to conduct investment business by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How we work

A clear financial direction path:-

(1) Initial Meeting (without charge)
Usually 1 hour duration. We introduce ourselves and our services to establish if there is a fit between your needs and the services we provide.

(2) Data Gathering
We gather further information about your financial situation any existing arrangements and policies. We are happy to liaise with other professionals, if required.

(3) Research and Report Presentation
We outline our recommendations.

(4) Implementation
We implement your instructions as required.

(5) Review
We agree meetings and information provision within agreed timescales to keep you informed of your situation.

(6) We are always there
If you need us - email or telephone.

Advice and Service Process

1) Comprehensive Advice
We offer an advisory and service proposition across your whole financial situation. We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you meet your objectives and needs.

2) Specific Advice
You may require advice relating to one specific area and ask us to limit our advice and services to that. If you limit the information you supply to us it may detract from the completeness of the advice.

3) Transactional/Execution Only
Transactional/Execution only includes arranging a transaction for you at your specific request. No advice is given. You are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient knowledge and experience to make your decision. We do not monitor or review these transactions.

"Let advance worrying become advance thinking and planning."

- Winston Churchill